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Electron Phonon Interaction Potential

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    The electron-lattice interaction potential is given by

    [tex] V(r)=\sum_{i} Q_{i}\nabla V_{ei} \left( r- R_i\right)[/tex]

    where i is a summation over lattice sites, [tex]Q_i [/tex] is the lattice site displacement, and [tex]V_{ei}[/tex] is the coulombic interaction

    Now According to Mahan's book Many particle physics, 2nd ed. pg 34 ,[tex]V_{ei}(r)[/tex] has a Fourier transform of the form

    [tex]V_{ei}(r)=1/N \sum_{q}V_{ei}(q) e^{jqr}[/tex]

    I've had a hard time digesting this since this is a fourier summation of a periodic signal, and [tex]V_{ei}(r)[/tex] is not periodic, only a summation over all lattice sites is. Can anyone help me in pointing out what's wrong with my understanding
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    those 'q' are not reciprocal lattice vectors, then. they are the born van karman vectors that you can think of as being very densely spaced. I.e. we have forced V_{ei}(r) to be periodic but it is only periodic in the SYSTEM SIZE. which is not much of a constraint. get it?
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