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Electrons and simple/complex molecules.

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    Hello, I was just taking a shower when this question came upon my mind, what would happen if all the electrons stopped their motion?
    And, I don't know, but when molecules are created, wouldn't it cut off a path of an electron from the side where atoms have been combined?
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    your question is nonsensical because electrons don't cruise around atoms and molecules as planets orbit stars for example. that's probably why nobody answered your question.
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    maybe the answer he's looking for is this...

    In neutron stars, their own gravity is so large that it overcomes the forces keeping protons/electrons apart and the electrons/protons combine to form neutrons. You end up with a big soup of neutrons...no electron clouds so theres almost no "empty" space....you end up with some of the most dense matter in the universe save from black holes.
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    Does it really? Your spin isn't conserved. 1/2 +/- 1/2 does not equal to 1/2.

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