I Electrostatic interaction in the Simulation Hypothesis

How will the repulsion of electrons occur in the simulation hypothesis? The electrons will also create electrostatic fields around yourself ?


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So will the protons. Once you're above atomic scale, most stuff is neutral.

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Same as it does in the "brain in a vat" hypothesis.
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This is an odd question. It's almost like you've noticed some peculiar phenomenon in real life, which you have tentatively explained as being due to "electrostatic fields around yourself", and then you want to know if this would be a plausible side effect of living in the Matrix...

Anyway, if the world we experience is just a simulation in a giant computer (implying that the physics of the real world might be completely different), there is no particular reason for the simulation to exhibit any effects at all, that deviate from the physics it is supposed to be simulating.

In other words, if the electrons in the simulation are supposed to obey an equation of quantum electrodynamics, there is no reason for them to not behave exactly like that, with no extra effects.

And if I ask myself, suppose the simulation is somehow imprecise - maybe they only poorly approximate the intended physics - I don't see how that would give rise to the extra "electrostatic fields" that you're asking about.
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