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Elektromagnetic field ~ probability amplitudes

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    Given an electromagnetic field by its components E and B. How is this related to probability amplitudes of a Schrödinger wave function for the same field.

    Trying the same or at least a similar question from a different angle: given the E and B field, can we derive from it, in principle, not considering solvability, the probability of registering a photon within a certain (small) volume and time interval?

    If not, which piece of information is missing. Yet another angle on the question: do the E and B field contain all the information for the probabilities or is there something missing?
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    The electromagnetic field is a relativistic massless spin-1-field. There is no physically sensible interpretation of it as a single-particle wave function as for massive particles in non-relativistic (Schrödinger) quantum mechanics. There is not even a proper position operator for photons!
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