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An answer that seems unbelievable
There are 3.35*10^25 molecules in one liter of water. If we are given a penny for every molecule, how high could you stack the pennies given that a stack of 17 pennies equals one inch?
Or, to further reduce this large number into something more tangible, how many stacks equal to the distance between earth and moon could on make with these pennies given an average earth/moon separation of 238,855 miles?
So my answer...
If you have a penny for every water molecule in one liter of water, you can make 130,016,267,822,000 stacks of pennies equal to the average distance between earth and moon.
This number seem unbelievably high. Can it be right? If someone has time to check this, I would appreciate it.


That looks about right.... molecules really are that small.

Here's another one to consider. Assume for the sake of argument that in the two thousand years or so since Julius Caesar died, the molecules that made up his body have been more or less evenly scattered across the surface of the earth. How many molecules from his body are you stepping on every time you take a step?
I know the one about the glass of water distributed in the ocean.
Just as a guess, on the order of 1,000 molecules.

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