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EM theory and therom dynamic books

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    I need to purchase two books, for EM theory and Thermodynamics. I have briefly used couple of books years back and I cant seem to remember their titles or author. I slightly remember that the EM book was a blue color with a lots of information for first year - 4th year undergraduates majoring in physics.

    As for the thermodynamics, the author is Sears .? or something.

    Is any body familier with these books. Please let me know. If you are not, then can you give me your opinion on what books are good.

    Thanks a bunch,

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    Fundamentals of Classical Thermodynamics by Van Wylen and Sonntag is the recomended book in my college for the first year undergrad.
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    I used a light blue book in EM about 30 years ago :biggrin:

    Lorrain and Corson, Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

    and the authors also have another book

    Fundamentals of ELECTROMAGNETICS PHENOMENA, by Paul Lorrain, Dale R. Corson and Fran├žois Lorrain. and a website - http://www.whfreeman.com/lorrain/

    There is -
    Francis W. Sears, Gerhard L. Salinger
    Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, and Statistical Thermodynamics (3rd Edition) - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/020106894X/?tag=pfamazon01-20

    Books by Francis W. Sears -

    Disclaimer: No endorsement expressed or implied. :biggrin:
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    I used that one about 30 years ago too. :biggrin:
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    30 years ago............You sure don't look like say 30+20=50. :wink:

    That's the guy......Sears and Salinger for thermodynamics. I used this book for some time so I like to read the same one to refresh my memory.

    About the EM,
    I know.. I know there are many blue color books. Sure there were blue books 30 years ago too.

    while I was lying down this afternoon my memory slightly came back. I think the author's name is some thing like Wengness??


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