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Engineering Engineering degrees to dental or law school ?

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    I want to know if anyone has entered dental or law school aftr their Bachelor degrees of any engineering.

    I want to finish my engineering degrees because it is something that I have started but I am not sure if I want to stay in engineering for my entire life. And I think that if I am smart enough to study engineering, I have the intellectual potential to get into dental or law school.

    Please let me hear from you.
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    I have friends in dental and law school now. Law schools, at least, very much like engineers and appreciate the analytical skills. Patent law is one area in which engineers have a very clear advantage. Business schools and many employers outside of engineering also value engineering more highly than any other major.

    Pretty much everything you hear about med school applies to dental school. Some of the top dental schools are parts of med schools and med and dental students can take all of the same core courses for two years. Med schools appreciate the engineering degree as long as you meet all of the other requirements. Overall they aren't too picky about major though, so it won't earn you too many points. It certainly will not harm you though.
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    But would someone who studied something like civil engineering have a weaker foundation than science students, even the engineering student has taken required courses, or is it really depends on the person ?
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    Civil would be much less relevant to patent law than mechanical or electrical, etc. Honestly other types of engineering are considered more rigorous and analytical if you are considering something outside of civil engineering itself. It's still an accredited engineering degree though (I'm assuming).

    Engineering degrees require more quantitative courses than science degrees, so on average engineering is not at all considered weaker. Neither dental or law school build directly on any undergraduate major. Bio and chem and all of that good stuff helps in dental school, but beyond the minimums it isn't all that relevant. Other majors do just fine and are not at a disadvantage.
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