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Engineering grad school w/ Physics BS

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    I'll be graduating in one year with a BS in Physics and a BS in Applied Mathematics. I've done research in Astrophysics and Photovoltaics, and I'm considering pursuing a graduate degree (either MS or PhD) in Material Science Engineering. I've looked at various school websites and it seems like I'd be considered (having a physics, rather than engineering, background) but I don't really have a human perspective on the situation. Is this a good idea, based on admission and financial help? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Materials Science and Engineering, as well as Biomedical Engineering, are really interdisciplinary and take alot of people with diverse backgrounds ranging from biochemistry to math. Don't worry about not having the right background.

    This I know because my current research supervisor is in the Materials Science department and has graduated people with 6 different majors: biochemistry, chemistry, biomedical engineering, materials science, chemical engineering and physics.
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