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Engineering (mechanical) drawing probs

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    ah wrong section, ill post it up in the hw section..sorry!
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    Your first top view is not correct. First of all, if you notice in the right side view, the part is 6 units deep. In your top view the depth is only 4. Also, there is no indication that the right half of the front view is "indented" when viewed in the top view. The section that has the hole in it is set back from the front plane of the part by 3 units and the the block to the right of that, is set back by two units.

    For the second scanned page:

    #1, your top view is not correct. Think about what that hidden line is supposed to show.
    #2, looks good except you are missing a hidden line in your side view.
    #3, looks good.
    #4, again, you are missing a hidden line in your side view (as well as the center line for the round feature). Your front view should have a circle feature, not flattened like you have it.
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    wrong TOP VIEW for question one, 2nd scanned drawing.
    there shouldn't b a hidden line at the center.
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    Fred seems to have covered the details, perhaps a bit of general advice could eb usefull. When you finish a set of scetches, it is always helpfull to look at them one last time, starting at the Front View.

    First, scan the front view from top to bottom. Just imagine a strait horizontal line (or use an actual strait dge, if that helps) sliding down the paper. every time that line encounters a new feature, look imediately to the right, to see if that feature is represented in your Right-side Veiw. Then, take that same strait edge (real or imaginary)and set it on the paper vertically, and move it from left to right across the page. Every time the strait edge encounters a new feature, imediately look up, to see if that feature is represented in your Top View.

    Anyways, I find it very helpfull. BW; where are you going to school?
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    Louisiana State University (LSU) - Required course for mechanical engineers. The only "drawing" course we are required to take. I'm guessing they are wanting us to at least be able to understand engineering drawings even if we are not the one having to draw them.
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