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Engineering MS with a bachelors in business?

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    Hello two years ago I graduated from a private college in missouri with a bachelors in business administration. One year before I graduated I was 100% sure I wanted to go back and get a bachelors degree in engineering. I am now one semester away from getting an associate in engineering from a community college in kansas city. I am wondering if going straight into a masters engineering program from here would be a good idea or not. I intend to go into environmental engineering. Eventually consulting. Would this be a good idea or would i be setting myself up for failure? Any comments are much appreciated. Again, I will complete my associate in engineering one semester from now. An associates in engineering includes all math classes including calculus 3 and differential EQ, statics, dynamics, circuit theory, thermodynamics, and strength of materials. So I will have had all of these courses. How possible and practical is it to go for a masters in environmental engineering from here?
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    You should look at the program you have in mind and see what prerequisites they expect.
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