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English is the dominate language of science

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    English is the dominate language of science. To communicate effectively people need to understand how to properly use the conventional language. I think it would be a benefit to members of this forum if there was an area for English and grammar.

    It could be a place where people ask simple questions or even post a paper to be reviewed by fresh eyes. I mean let's face it, no one write a perfect paper the first time and in every writing book in the world it is recommend that you have people proof read your paper.

    Just an idea but I believe it would make a very useful sub-forum for many or nearly all the member here at PF.

    Best Regards,
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    I think an English/Grammar forum is a decent idea. Also, "proof read" is only one word :smile:
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    Oh, thanks.... I could really use the forum too. :blushing:
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    You can post these questions in the new https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=148 [Broken] forum (under Social Sciences). It covers specific languages, spelling, grammar, and composition.
    Or if your question is more about general language rules, you can post it in Social Sciences, where any linguists can help make sense of the rules that are used (though they won't tell you which rules you should or should not follow).
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    Something like that?
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    I'd be glad to proofread any papers posted in the new forum honestrosewater linked to. Not just for general grammar and sentence structure, but also for the structure of the paper itself, and for the quality of writing. Make it like a new homework help section.
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    "Dominate" is a verb. ("English dominates over other languages in science.") The corresponding adjective is "dominant".
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    And the corresponding noun is 'dominatrix'. Who needs a grammer forum?
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    Yes...like that :smile:
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    That would be great....thanks.
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