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Homework Help: Enzyme kinetics plotting a slope replot

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    My instructor has given us an assignment where we have to diagnose the type of enzyme inhibition it is. I diagnosed it as a competitive inhibitor and am trying to do a slope replot to find my value for KI.

    For the slope replot, you just find the slope of the each line? is it the same as having excel find the linear regression line and taking that slope to make a slope replot? Because that's why I did but my graph is turning kind of hyperbolic
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    We are of course incredibly brilliant but even we have some limitations.

    E.g. we are fairly telepathic but not totally. E.g. to be on the safe side it would be better to tell us just what you are plotting and replotting.

    We might also get ideas better if you posted pics of your plots.

    Another of our defects is some of us are touchy, ratty or peevish. If we answer one of your questions and hear no response ever :wink: we might wonder whether to try and help out the next time. :tongue2: :smile:
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    Sorry for not thanking you earlier lol. But I think got the slope replot thing down.
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    It's not about thanks, it's about thinking through an answer in a dialogue and then being left in the air. Like if you gave your results, plots and conclusions to your Prof. and then never head a thing.

    Anyway glad you have sorted it.

    Maybe this was the thing called the Dixon plot.
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