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Equation for flux in reflected slab reactor

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    So, I've been at this for a while now. Im using my textbook (Introduction to NE, Lamarsh) and I cannot find a solution to calculate the thermal and fast fluxes in the reflector of a critical slab reactor. I have only been able to find solutions for the spherical shape, even online. As I understand it, the general solution is
    And for spherical geometry, the fast flux can be resolved in a finite reflector to be
    But what about the slab?
    If anyone could point me to a source online, or if you could offer any help here it would be appreciated. I have been able to calculate the thermal and fast fluxes in the core, but the reflector has me stumped. Thanks in advance!
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    These are the equations I used for the core.
    For thermal flux in the core:
    And to get the fast flux from the thermal flux:
    Also, I know that at the reflector-core interface, the fluxes must be continuous, and there is no neutron source term in the reflector. Thanks
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