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Homework Help: Equations of Kinematics, including gravity

  1. Aug 26, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A hot-air balloon is rising upward with a constant speed of 2.20 m/s. When the balloon is 3.30 m above the ground, the balloonist accidentally drops a compass over the side of the balloon. How much time elapses before the compass hits the ground?

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    I just started taking Physics 1111 at college and never having taken physics in high school, I have no idea where to start. I assume you would use the knowledge that an object falls towards earth at 9.8 m/s^2... I just don't even know what equation of kinematics to plug this information into? Thank you for your help!!
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    You can start by writing the eqs. of kinematics in section 2 of the template. There are only a handful.

    You want an equation which relates distance, time, and acceleration.
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    Starting out, you will do yourself a favor by breaking the problem into parts that are easier to visualize and solve. In this case, what is a good first part of the path of the compass?
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    What is the initial position?
    What is the initial velocity?
    What is the constant acceleration?

    Remember that velocity can be described by:
    ##\int_{t_0}^t a(s) ds +v(t_0)= v(t)##
    and position can be described by:
    ##\int_{t_0}^t v(r) dr +p(t_0)= p(t)##.

    Is simple integration part of your toolkit? What are the equations of kinematics?
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