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Evaluting latex wrtten in TeXnicCenter.

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    I have just installed TexnixCenter And Mikktex - the entire Protext package bt i cant seem to find a way to veiw the document in output form ( pdf/ ps)

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    As las3rjock siad, you need to have acrobat Reader or Ghsotview installed. Then you simply have to click on the little drop-down menu at the top that will list the three options:
    LaTeX -> DVI
    LaTeX -> PDF
    LaTeX -> PS

    Choose the PDF (or PS) option and then compile. It should open up automatically Acrobat Reader and display your file. It works without any problem for me.
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    thanks, i diff have those i think my problem is - where is the combile button?
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    Nevermind, playing around i got it .. it the 'build output' option.
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