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Testing Examples of hard multivariable calculus exams online?

  1. Jun 28, 2012 #1
    My Calc III teacher this fall gives take home exams because he insists that there isn't enough time to cover all the material in Calc III, so he needs every class hour to teach, thus he gives take-home tests. Knowing people who took his calc III class last fall, and him curving an A to be 70%, I know his exams are hard. He wouldn't give me any examples, and someone said the exams were "PhD worthy, so hard you didn't even know how to start them".

    I've been trying to prepare myself for the class this fall by searching for take-home Calc III exams that universities around the world have posted online. So far not good. I was wondering if anyone knows any decent colleges who have posted hard exams? I guess this includes vector calculus too?
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    Check out some of the MIT questions. How long is your typical exam? If the amount of time is long, then anything is "fair game". If the length of the exam is maybe an hour, then try to limit what he stresses the most in class.
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    The big universities (Stanford, MIT, Harvard) have some variation on Open Courseware, which includes all of the class's resources including tests. Also, your state colleges will most likely post past exams up on their website (I know Purdue and IU do). Find out from past students the exams style: computational or proof-based (I've found that Calc III proof tests were ridiculously hard with Stanford). The tests you search for online should match the style of tests that you want to prepare for.
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