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Exchange student destination: UCL or ICL (UK)?

  1. Jan 9, 2012 #1
    I'm currently getting the paperwork done to request admission into an Erasmus exchange program. I've narrowed my options down to University College and Imperial College in London and Copenhaguen University in Denmark, as afaik they have the most reputable physics faculties with courses taught in English (from my list of options).

    Some mandatory courses at Copenhaguen are taught exclusively in Danish which will likely be a problem for me so I'm thinking of UCL or ICL.

    What is the environment like at these 2 universities? I'll be doing my 4th and final undergraduate year and some of the courses I'll be taking are: general relativity, advanced quantum mechanics ("II" so to speak, perturbation theory), nuclear & particle physics, electronics and a handful of electives + undergrad project.

    Anyone with first-hand experience at these 2 institutions as an exchange student?
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    You might have more luck at TheStudentRoom.co.uk, considering it is a UK based forum with, quite possibly, much more students actually who are actually studying in either program. Be sure to specify which "year" of the program you will be placed in. (BSc 3rd year or MPhys, for e.g)
  4. Jan 9, 2012 #3
    Thanks, I'll have a look at that site. I have no idea if I'll be placed in any "year" in particular, as some of my mandatory 4th year courses are taught in 3rd year & masters programs (or not at all).
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