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PhD's in Physics in the UK for International Students

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    Dear all,

    I am reaching the end of my 4 year integrated masters degree in Physics at Imperial College London. I expect to graduate with a low to medium first class and have taken theoretical modules throughout. I am interested in theoretical physics and quantum optics and want to do a PhD but I am discouraged by the lack of funding opportunities. Some searches I have done show that only home/EU students get funding and international students get next to nothing. All the PhD students I have met at Imperial are from Europe which is further discouraging. I would apply for scholarships but these are undoubtedly very competitive and I am unsure whether I can get them with my grades. Could anyone perhaps an international student doing a PhD in the UK tell me if what I am talking about is true and share their experiences over the matter?

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    Which country are you from (I'm guessing outside Europe)? Have you looked into specific PhD scholarships for nationals of your country to study in the UK? I know these at least exist for China, Mexico, Brazil, so likely lots of other countries have something similar. Alternatively, often individual research groups have studentships that are available for anyone (these often come from university funds), so it might just be worth applying to see what happens. Or, you could write to the contacts in the groups you are hoping to join and ask if they have any funding for non-EU students.
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