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.exe file not a valid Win32 app

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    I've tried to open several different .exe files, and keep getting the same error. I've gone to several Windows help/ troubleshooting sites to no avail. My OS is Windows XP SP3 and browser is Firefox Ver. 3.5.9. I'm not able to install any other browsers on my system to test if this is Firefox causing the problem because the files won't open, and don't have IE on my computer. I've tried manipulating the download options, shutting off add-ons, turning off pop-up blockers, and turning off antivirus software, and nothing seems to work. I'm wondering if this is a registry problem or something else. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Where did you get these exe files from?

    Do you have antivirus scanner?

    If your Windows runs it means it was able to open at least some exe files... Can you start notepad? It is an exe file.

    Are you sure you don't have IE on your computer? Check Start menu/All programs.
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    I was able to find IE on my computer and download and open the files through that. One file was Code Blocks, a C compiler, and the other was Double Twist, a mp3 player app. I believe something is wrong with my Firefox browser, I think it corrupts the download or cuts it short. Thank you for your help, Borek.
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    You either downloaded a Dos program that was written for 16 bit version, or a 64 bit version and you tried running it on your windows which is 32 bit version.

    Next time you download something make sure it is for either Windows 95/98/SE/ME/NT/2000
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    Have you tried to reinstall Firefox?
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    Do you have any of the .NET Frameworks installed on your computer? These .exe files could contain .NET code--those have a different internal format than "native" executable files--but if the framework is not installed on your computer, they will not be able to run.
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