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What are the 'dict-cache' files?

  1. Feb 3, 2010 #1
    when I'm using internet by my USB modem , I saw that lot of files downloaded automatically.. At that time all the automatic updatings (Windows, Antivirus) were OFF. I'm paying my internet bill depending on the capacity I download and upload... so this unidentified files were real problem to me..So I checked what were the files at temporary folder and I got to know those files were named as dict_cachexxxxxxxxxx(x=some numbers). those files were the downloaded files , because in properties windows of those files there were the correct time which the download was happened. to stop the downloading ,I uninstalled my XP crack(my OS isn't a original one..!) because I thought that ,those files can be the files which passes to computers to check whether the OS is original or not. further I assumed that ,because of my XP crack those checking process was neglected but continuously those files were send to my computer.. anyway after some time, uninstalling the XP crack, the downloading was stopped(dont know whether it is because of the removing of the crack ).. anyway I want to know whether my assumption is right or not and, specially I want to know what are these dict_cache files?
    when searching the internet I found that there are specific files as dict_cache.. Now I want to know what are these..
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    Are you running JDK? dict_cache seem to be temp files associated with Java processes.
  4. Mar 10, 2010 #3
    yes, im running JDK... ya, maybe that is why those were there at the temporary folder... I thought those files were downloading automatically.. anyway thank you so much... if you know more about these files, please be kind enough to explain it more... thanx..
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