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Executing abaqus job using python script

  1. Apr 22, 2012 #1
    I'm not 100% sure where this belongs, but, I have a script that will allow me to modify the mesh size of an individual part in abaqus, and then execute a job on that part. my question is How do I go about changing the mesh size for multiple parts?

    *edit* removed first part of question, wasn't thinking straight.

    script I already have is below.


    this script changes mesh size of existing model and then runs job

    from abaqus import *
    from abaqusConstants import *
    #import part
    #import mesh
    #from mesh import S4, S8R, STANDARD, STRUCTURED
    #import job

    # Open the model database.
    # This opens ALL features in the model tree
    # assigns the CAE model data base to the variable 'mdb'

    #case sensitive !!!
    model = mdb.models['Model-1']
    part = model.parts['Part-1]

    #first we delete the old mesh before we create a new one

    #all mesh controls are already set in this MDB, so no need to adjust
    #only needed: size:
    part.seedPart(size=1, deviationFactor=0.1)


    jobName = 'modifiedMesh'

    myJob = mdb.Job(name=jobName, model=model,

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    For future ref if nothing else .... If you've multiple parts, you can for example make a list of them (if don't want to refer explicitly by name), followed by a for-loop which contains the part, seed and meshing specification. Something along the lines of:
    Code (Text):

    for part in model.parts:
    [INDENT]part.seedPart(size=1, deviationFactor=0.1)[/INDENT]
    and you'll need to specify what size you wish for a specific part (another list for example).
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