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I Experimental investigation of c in electric & magnetic fields

  1. Jan 12, 2017 #1
    I have been researching a question I have concerning the speed of light in magnetic AND electric fields. I came across an article in arvix but could not quite understand what they were saying. I am not a scientist I am just curious. There was a statement in which was shrouded in a strange nomenclature. Can someone please decipher what they are saying. They said, "In the experimental setup described there, this would mean a birefringence with 0 n (small triangle which I think means delta) <.
    Sorry that I could not find the delta symbol. This experiment was referring to measuring the speed of light in a magnetic field and in a vacuum.
    What does 0 n small triangle followed by a less than sign mean?
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    I need to make a correction to the formula. it is that the birefringence is delta n < 0 What are they saying about the speed of light here? This is confusing. Thanks for the help.
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    Can you post a link the the paper and direct us to the part you are not understanding?
    ∇n < 0 would imply what, given the Wikipedia definition of birefringence...

    [tex]∇n = n_e - n_o[/tex]
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    The paragraph number 2.
    I need to have this spoken to me in payments terms. It looks to me as if the experiment is supposed to yield a positive value but the person or lab measured a negative value. How does this relate to the speed of light.
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    Sorry I am on a trip and using a cell phone. In the paragraph above I meant laymens terms not payment terms.
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    Yes typed it wrong. Your link is proper. Why is the negative value a problem concerning birefringence. Does any one know?
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    To quote from the paper so others can see:
    I confess that I don't have the knowledge to answer your question. :cry:
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