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B Explanation please -- public bus induction power -- into basic physics?

  1. Mar 30, 2016 #1
    Sorry for the title, and sorry if there is already a thread on it.

    This induction charger for a public transport bus. Can anyone break it down into basic formulas of high school physics. The air gap is frikkin huge. Earlier prototypes apparently had a secondary coil on the bus that was lowered but the bus drivers refused to be bothered to lower it according to internet myth.

    This model I think has a fixed 10inch air gap.

    That must be a huge coil/s and currents if a simple transformer equation is used.

    Appreciate some detail of this design, what currents, coils, number of windings, losses etc in basic equations.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Where did you see that there is an air gap while charging at the bus stops. The claimed efficiency doesn't seem to match up with that number...
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    The project leader said it in a national radio interview last night.
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    Well, that's not a very reliable source, IMO. Can you find a better source?

    I would not want one of the cardiac pacemaker patients that I sometimes help walking onto a bus that had kilowatts of energy transfer going on through such a wide air gap. That's a very dangerous setup, IMO...
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    Precisely why I am posting, will try find a better link.
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    K, given up on finding design specs. Thinking of emailing the manufacturer. Can some random guy off the internet do that?

    Hi I'm a closet physics nerd off the internet, can you please send me the circuit diagrams of yr coils in those bus thingy's.

    Would that even work?
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