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Other Explorations in Mathematical Physics

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    Its 10 reviews on Amazon seem quite positive. What do you feel about it having browsed it briefly?

    My niece has always told me that if a book speaks to you then its a good book. Often I'll peruse a book in the book store and realize the book isn't speaking and so I decide not to buy it.

    A few months later, I'll see the same book peruse it again and this time it speaks. I see something interesting and learn something new and then I'll get the book. After a while the books wise up and realize that the only way they'll escape the bookstore is to speak up to someone who is listening.
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    Don't have time right now to read it in detail but the book is definitely speaking to me. I think it will be a fantastic read.
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    You should also check online for an errata sheet for the book that indicates what pages may have errors. It will save you time as you ponder some equation only to find its got a typo.
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