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Exponential of a large negative number

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    I read on a previous post that to calculate the exponential of a large negative number I use the formula:
    This is just a quick question but it it meant to be a log 10 or natural log and also is it meant to be loge0 or loge1

    Thanks in advance
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    What is e raised to the zero power? What is the natural log of that? What is the base 10 log of that? Would either interpretation make any sense?

    What is e raised to the first power? What is the natural log of that? Would that interpretation make any sense?

    Can you use the law of exponents, (ab)c = abc to derive the formula in question?
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    It should be obvious that if that were a natural logarithm, then ln(e) would be 1 and there would be no reason to write it!
    I can see no reason to as if the "e" is [itex]e^0[/itex] or [itex]e^1[/itex]. Any number, a, by itself, is [itex]a^1[/itex]. Any number, including e, to the 0 power is 1.
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