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Exterior Calculus and Differential Forms?

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    Would this be the right forum to pose questions on this topic?
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    yes, it is.
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    thanks for responding robphy!

    I'm looking for sinusoidal solutions to a 1-form field, A on a psuedo-Riemann manifold (-,+,+,+).

    *d*d*A=0 yields a set of solutions, but I don't know if it's the most general case.

    There's an operator (d + \delta)^2, where \delta = *d* called the Laplace-Beltrami that might apply as (*d*d* + d*d*)A=0.

    After some very tedious expansion over time and spacial indices it collapses to the deAlembertian,
    \box{A} = 0.

    Which operator is most general?

    Even 4th and higher order equations are available as (*d*d*d*d + d*d*d*d* + etc.)A=0.
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    Where might I find a physics forum where I could address individuals who are actually capable in this field?
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