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Classical Extra sources of information(electromagnetism)

  1. Mar 24, 2016 #1
    Hello there guys. As the title says, for quite some time now I've been looking for some extra sources of information. I am working with the book "introduction to electrodynamics" by David J Griffiths and even though it is good, I am thinking that it would be better to enrich my studies in this area. But the internet is vast and I cannot say that I have found so far what I am looking for.

    I am looking about information( whether they are videos, or books or papers), that could help me get a deeper understanding of this field. And when I say deeper, I don't necessarily mean, more advanced problems or more difficult and such.

    It would better for me at the moment, if you could provide me with any tested, good sources that aren't related to waves, because I believe I have to understand deeply all the theory behind waves and then proceed to them.

    It is pretty generic what I am asking for, but I couldn't find better words. Anyway, thank you all in advance for your time.
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    Hi Rampart,

    I'm guessing, but if you have plowed through 350 odd pages of Griffiths and now lose momentum, you might want to read up on non-electromagnetic waves and on relativity. So mechanics, and perhaps some math. We had Marcelo Alonso and Edward J Finn, but I haven't seen them mentioned in a long time. I also liked the Berkeley physics course series.
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