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Homework Help: Factor label method with rotational motion

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    Suppose you are riding a stationary exercise bicycle, and the electronic meter indicates that the wheel is rotating at 8.4 rad/s. The wheel has a radius of 0.40 m. If you ride the bike for 2090 s, how far would you have gone if the bike could move?

    w= rad/ sec
    2 pi= rev
    v= m/s
    2pi x r= circumference

    .4m x 2pi= 2.5 m/ rev
    2.5 m/rev x 8n4 rev/ sec = 21 m/s
    21m/s x 2090 s = 43890 m
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    8.4 is given in radians / sec. There are 2π radians in a revolution.
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