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Fantasy book by Christopher Paolini

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    This is a fantasy book by by Christopher Paolini which I just finished reading.


    It is similar in quite a lot of ways to the Lord of the Rings and in my opinion a very nice book to read.

    The second book of the trilogy is Eldest.

    If you have not read this I highly recommend it.
    I also think that a Book discussion sub-forum would be nice addition.
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    Eragon and Eldest are excellent books. It is an extraordinary effort for a first work of a young author. Eragon was written when Paolini was 17-18, and he recently finished Eldest.

    I am certainly looking forward to third book.

    While there are parallels (themes and archetypal characters) with the Lord of the Rings, I think Paolini's Trilogy stands on its own, and in time, it will become a classic.
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    I think it's alot like a combation of Star wars and the lord of the rings.
    I think it's a good book. I havn't finished eldest yet.
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