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Faraday Cage Concept and Building Questions

  1. Aug 23, 2008 #1
    I have a few questions and verifying statements regarding the concept as well as practical building of Faraday Cages.

    1. A Faraday cage's mesh must have a grid with a spacing less than that of the wavelength that is intended to be stopped.
    2. Why is it that foil and mylar also work as faraday cage devices when wrapped around an object, I saw this on quite a few websites and don't understand how this works with the Faraday Cage concept.
    3. Does the material used ie. copper, steel, ... or the diameter of the rods that make up the cage's mesh matter, are certain materials better, do diameter of rods matter in practical applications or the size of the rod doesn't matter (begs the question regarding wavelength size because a 10 inch rod mesh would not be able to stop radio wavelength... right?)?
    4. What is the harmful to electronics EM spectrum that is emitted by a nuclear bomb? This should hopefully identify what wavelength the equipment should be protected against.
    5. Must a Faraday Cage be grounded when working against an EMP? Musr a Faraday Cage be grounded when working against a lightning bolt\or Van de Graff generator?

    Thank You
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