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Fast Fourier transform - MATLAB

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    I have raw data in following format

    Time <-> Ch1 <-> Ch2 <-> Ch3
    0.01 <-> 1.6 <-> 1.62 <-> 1.92
    0.03 <-> 1.63 <-> 1.62 <-> 1.96
    0.05 <-> 1.63 <-> 1.63 <-> 2.04
    ..........so on 1000 raw

    PS: those <-> are used in this forum to show as table, in actual data those are separate column.

    How can I plot FFT in matlab from this data ?

    Do I have to convert anything first ?

    I am newbi to matlab, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums!

    If the data is named foo, you can extract say, the third column by typing in:

    (the syntax means extract every row of the third column)

    To take the FFT, you use the fft function:

    You can find plotting information (the 'plot' function) by clicking the 'index' button on the left hand side of the screen.
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