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Fast primality test for small numbers

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    Beating Pari: fast primality test for small numbers

    I'm looking for a library (or just a program) with a fast primality test for 64-bit numbers. In particular I'd like something that's faster than Pari which I'm currently using. I do need it to be programmable, of course, since billions of tests need to be done.

    Any ideas? Or is Pari essentially as fast as I can get?

    I'm going to try to port my program to Mathematica to do a speed comparison, but in past tests Pari beats Mathematica soundly in number theory.
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    Original Pari code:
    Code (Text):
    This actually uses my custom function sumset, but its function is pretty clear from context.

    Here's my Mathematica version:
    Code (Text):
    The Mathematica code takes about three times as long as the Pari code. The Pari code could be yet faster with ispseudoprime, of course...
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