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Faster than the speed of light

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    Time passes faster further from the center of gravity of a large mass (like the Earth). For example, if a spaceship travels faster than the speed of light from Earth to another planet and after 1 year returns to Earth. From Earth to the other planet takes 3 months and return 3 months.

    Would the spaceships crew have also aged 1 year 6 months, same as we on Earth?
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    This phrase alone tells me you don't know what you're talking about.
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    Aside from the impossibility of traveling at the speed of light, let alone faster, if the spaceship traveled at just a hair under the speed of light, the spaceship's crew will have aged just 1 year, the year they spent on the other planet. They will not age hardly at all during their high-speed trip going to or coming back from the planet.

    By the way, this has nothing to do with gravity, but only with relative speed.
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    In this, as in the other posts you have made so far on this site, you are showing clearly that you have no concept of actual physics. Why do you think it will be helpful to you to ask questions about ridiculous things that make no sense? Don't you think it would be more helpful to you to study some ACTUAL physics and then ask questions about that if there are part you don't understand?
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    As others mentioned, "if a spaceship travels faster than the speed of light" is nonsense. (How far did you get with your physics study? Are you studying something on this topic?)

    There is also a logical failure in your question: as you indicate that the answer depends on it, you forgot to specify the mass of the other planet compared to that of the Earth.
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    Okay, I am not even familiar with any forums. I am not surprised if I post this to myself. To be honest, I don't know whether one of you can read this. Lets see what happens.
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    <blows whistle>

    OK, enough piling on. Thread locked. In the future, it's better to report threads than to pile on the OP. And OP, please reread the PF Rules, which you agreed to when you joined.
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