What is Quantum mechanics book: Definition and 27 Discussions

An interpretation of quantum mechanics is an attempt to explain how the mathematical theory of quantum mechanics "corresponds" to reality. Although quantum mechanics has held up to rigorous and extremely precise tests in an extraordinarily broad range of experiments (not one prediction from quantum mechanics has been found to be contradicted by experiments), there exist a number of contending schools of thought over their interpretation. These views on interpretation differ on such fundamental questions as whether quantum mechanics is deterministic or stochastic, which elements of quantum mechanics can be considered real, and what the nature of measurement is, among other matters.
Despite nearly a century of debate and experiment, no consensus has been reached among physicists and philosophers of physics concerning which interpretation best "represents" reality.

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  1. K

    Sign Issue with Zitelli Quantum Mechanics 3.6

    I will include a photo. Essentially, we need to prove that dp/dt + the gradient of J(x,t) = 0. We are getting that the two are instead equal and opposite, and have checked with multiple people.
  2. murshid_islam

    Is "Quantum Mechanics Demystified" a good book for a beginner?

    TL;DR Summary: Is "Quantum Mechanics Demystified" a good book for a beginner for self-studying? I'm a layman with background in high school physics and undergrad calculus. Is "Quantum Mechanics Demystified" by David McMahon a good book for self-studying and learning quantum mechanics?
  3. hachi44

    I Principles of Quantum Mechanics - Hans C. Ohanian - 0137127952

    Hi. I looked everywhere for a specific book but I cannot find any pdf copy of it. The book specifics are below: Publication Name: Principles of Quantum Mechanics Author: Hans C. Ohanian Publisher: Benjamin Cummings Publishing Company ISBN-10: 0137127952 ISBN-13L 9780137127955 I would...
  4. Hamiltonian

    Quantum Buying my first Quantum mechanics book

    I recently started studying some quantum mechanics, so far I have been using online resources(like MIT OCW 8.04/8.05, and Tongs notes I think I have reached a stage where I understand the Schrodinger eqn and can solve it for various potentials(including for the H-atom) but I don't know anything...
  5. SEYED2001

    What is the best QM textbook for me?

    Summary:: I am a last year high school student. I haven't chosed physics for my course, but I am very interested in QM, because I believe it act lik a gateway to the meaning of existence, and so the nature of mind, my particular interest. I want to know which textbook is the best for me. I am...
  6. nsypgorz

    Quantum Alternative Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics book

    Hi everyone, was just wondering what people think is a good undergraduate QM book is as opposed to Griffiths. I've read through it, and I have looked and many people say it is good for people who've never been exposed to QM before, but when it comes to solving problems I struggle a lot, and...
  7. Luke Tan

    I How do I solve this ODE?

    When reading through Shankar's Principles of Quantum Mechanics, I came across this ODE \psi''-y^2\psi=0 solved in the limit where y tends to infinity. I have tried separating variables and attempted to use an integrating factor to solve this in the general case before taking the limit, but...
  8. patric44

    Quantum What is the most suitable Quantum Mechanics book for these questions?

    i want to know what is the most suitable quantum mechanics that will enables me after studying it to answer these specific questions ? i mean based on the hardness of these questions ( what book would you suggest to study these subjects ) . and by the way what is the level of these QM questions...
  9. smodak

    Quantum New introductory Quantum Mechanics book from Schwichtenberg

    I liked his Group Theory book. Now he wrote a QM book. No-Nonsense Quantum Mechanics: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide To The Quantum World
  10. M

    Quantum First edition of Ballentine's Quantum Mechanics book

    Hi. I just received a copy of Ballentine's "Quantum Mechanics: A Modern Development" ordered from Amazon, after I heard well of it in this site. I'm wondering what edition I've bought: the one I've got has a white hardcover, and its ISBN is 9789810227074. Does someone ever used this edition? Why...
  11. J

    A Physical meaning of terms in the Qi, Wu, Zhang model

    The Hamiltonian of the Qi, Wu, Zhang model is given by(in momentum space): ## H(\vec{k})=(sink_x) \sigma_{x}+(sink_y) \sigma_{y}+(m+cosk_x+cosk_y)\sigma_{z} ## . What is the physical meaning of each component of this Hamiltonian? Note: for the real space Hamiltonian(where maybe the analysis of...
  12. smodak

    Quantum Advanced Quantum Physics by Paar - Opinions?

    Anyone read the book Advanced Quantum Physics by Hans Paar ? Is this somewhat analogous to Sakurai's advanced quantum mechanics? If anyone used it, can youcomment on what you used it for (e.g. was it a bridge between QM and QFT)? I happened to see this book on amazon and from the excerpt, it...
  13. smodak

    Quantum Fayyazuddin Quantum Mechanics Book

    I just came across this book and it seems to be very well written http://www.worldscientific.com/worldscibooks/10.1142/8534 Here is the amazon link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/9814412902/?tag=pfamazon01-20 for self-learners, it also has a solution manual for sale in amazon...
  14. omidaut

    Advanced quantum mechanics book with solutions

    Hi there! Can you please introduce me some books on advanced quantum mechanics which has solutions for its exercises. Of course, I know Shankar and Sakuraii, but, I mean something more advanced which covers these topics: (Scattering, Dirac Fields, Group Representations, Relativistic Quantum...
  15. Suman Saha

    Quantum Quantum Mechanics Book: Reference Guide w/Theory & Examples

    Suggest for a reference book for quantum mechanics having detailed theoretical explanation and lot of solved examples.
  16. M

    Quantum Advanced quantum mechanics book - toward QFT

    Hello everyone! I just finished studying basic quantum mechanics, using Liboff's "Introductory Quantum Mechanics", i.e. wavefunctions, uncertainty relations, basic 1D problems, dirac notation, angular momentum (orbital and spin, addition, eigenfunctions, Clebsch-Gordan coefficients etc)...
  17. Ahmad Kishki

    Quantum Discovering an Unknown Quantum Mechanics Book: An Unconventional QM Journey

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/9384007447/?tag=pfamazon01-20 I cannot find any reviews for this book, yet i found in a nearby library literally hundreds of copies.. So anyone heard of the author or that publisher med tec? I actually bought it and i found it quite easy but radically different from...
  18. S

    Quantum Mechanics Book and resources on Hilbert Spaces

    I am currently in a modern physics course and would to do more advanced study in quantum mechanics before taking the senior-level Quantum Mechanics course at my school. We use Townsend's modern physics book for the class that I am in right now; here is a link...
  19. B

    Looking for a good Quantum Mechanics book for self study.

    I majored in physics in college and have a master's degree from Michigan State Univ. in physics. I just recently retired and have the urge to revisit some of my old studies. In the last year I've refreshed the intellectual side of myself by working thru a calculus book and book on differential...
  20. P

    Looking for a Quantum Mechanics book by a Polish author

    Hi, I tried to post this in the learning material section but was denied. Anyway, I am looking for a Quantum Mechanics book written by a Polish author. Clearly, I have no clue about the Author name, I only remember that he is Polish (from Poland). Hopefully, there will be only a few...
  21. M

    Name Of A Good Quantum Mechanics Book?

    I want a name of a good Quantum Mechanics book, that has good exercises (it is not necessary that both be in the same textbook). All what I can inform you of is that this will be my first Quantum Mechanics course for a third year physicist. Thanks.
  22. R

    Mathmetics in Introductory Quantum Mechanics book

    I'm reading Introductory quantum mechanics written by liboff. When I solve problems, I stuck with calculation such as Intergral(-inf to +inf) e^(-x^2)dx, Intergral(-inf to +inf) (x^2) e^(-x^2)dx, and other many integrals. I studied thomas' calculus but I think I haven't seen these in the...
  23. I

    Quantum Mechanics book suggestions

    Hi I would first like to apologize in case I post this thread under the wrong sub-forum . I will be starting my undergraduate course in a few months time so I thought of keeping myself upto date on astrophysics (My main subject of interest) but I find myself to be increasingly fascinated by the...
  24. P

    Quantum Mechanics Book or DVD

    Could somebody recommend an introductory book or dvd suitable for self study?
  25. L

    Recommendation for Quantum Mechanics book

    Can someone recommend me a book for self-studying quantum mechanics, just for personal interest. I'm studying math, but not physics. So I'm looking for something with a bit more of a mathematical focus. I'm very knowledgeable in linear algebra, and also know about Hilbert spaces and some...
  26. MathematicalPhysicist

    Is Itzhak Bars' Book on Quantum Mechanics Worth the 10.25 MB Download?

    itzhak bars' book on QM, it looks promising, but beware it weighs 10.25 MB, here:
  27. M

    A good quantum mechanics book for the self-learner?

    Hi, I am sure the topic of quantum mechanics books has been discussed many times, so excuse me if I am asking questions that already have been answered. I am trying to teach myself quantum mechanics so I am looking for a book that would take me through the subject step by step, kinda like John...