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FEMM - 2d finite element emag simulation

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    Does anybody here have experience with the FEMM simulation software? Its pretty popular in the engg community. I basically use it for simulating magnetostatic problems.

    If you do (and if this is the right forum, it is EE after all), could somebody tell me how I can do transient analysis, sinusoidal current inputs, etc using FEMM? I basically would like to send sinusoidally varying currents (or other such combinations) to a simple solenoid.

    Also, could somebody suggest some good *free* 3d simulation software, since the 2D version isn't too convenient for visualizing effects, and also other free 2D simulation software. Even an evaluation copy for 3d simulation would be helpful - if its available for download right away.

    'Quickfield' is another software that uses FE and has a 2d student version, but its way too limited for any practical problems.

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    thanks for that berkeman.

    im still a student, so I'm allowed to use most of the software ppl mentioned. The ansoft software - the student version, has a very poor interface. dont really have time to spend on that one.

    Anyway, a 3d version would have been a cookie. Still, could anybody with experience with FEMM answer my earlier question regarding sinusoidal inputs to solenoids in FEMM? Do I write a Lua script (is that available, i dont have muche xperience with Lua).

    Berkeman, what expression would you use get the magnetic field at any point around an electromagnet (not just radial) given the current? I'd like to simulate this for a solenoid. Doing this in matlab should give me a 3d view of the magnetic field, i suppose.


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