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Schools Ferris State University in Michigan

  1. Jul 6, 2007 #1
    Friend of mine will be studying at Ferris and he is questioning himself; Ferris is sort of a low profile university. What's your opinion? Thanks
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    (I live in Michigan), Ferris is a pretty good school, but I've heard it's also a big party school, and like you say, it is rather low profile. However, I've heard that their construction management program is quite good. It depends on your friend's specific interests.
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    I agree with Leright. Ferris has some good programs (it has one of the best golf course management degrees one can get I hear). However, I can't say that it is known for it's academia. I guess it all depends on what your friend is going to be studying.

    Just out of curiosity, why did your friend choose Ferris? Is this possibly because of some foreign student grant program?
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    he choose Ferris bcs of direct entrance into 3rd year Civil Engineering from Community College in Ontario. McMaster university in Hamilton, Ryerson University in Toronto, and University of Toronto gave him credit just for one year.
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    This is true, a friend of mine is going there to study it.

    As for the school itself, if it's for a B.S. then the school he goes to shouldn't matter anywhere near as much as what he knows and what he does (interning, co-oping, etc).
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