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Feynman diagrams - neutrino interactions

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    I have some well ordered feyman diagrams which have an incoming neutrino interacting at a vertex with a w boson and emitting an electron. since a neutrino can pass through some 18 light years of led without interacting, i'm wandering how a single neutrino interacts at this vertex?
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    Vanadium 50

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    The interaction rate is small, but not zero. That's why it's 18 light years and not 180 or 1800.
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    The first thing you should think of is beta-decay where a neutrino is emitted, if a particle can be the final product, it can also be the initial probe (time symmetry).

    here is the beta decay:
    (the wavy line is the W boson)

    and this is the process if p was heavier than n:

    W couples to lepton and its neutrino, e.g. electron + (anti) electron neutrino (lepton # must be conserved)

    Z couples to lepton and antilepton, e.g. eletron + positron / electron neutrino + anti electron neutrino

    Neutrinos mainly interact with matter (as incoming particles) via inverse beta decay
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