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How many Feynman diagrams do I draw?

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    I'm currently going through the interaction part of Tong's lecture notes on quantum field theory, and I'm a bit confused about how many Feynman diagrams I need to draw in order to compute the amplitude of various interaction terms. Tong presents Feynman diagrams through a series of examples. For instance for nucleon-nucleon scattering Tong draws two diagrams, with the labels for the outgoing momentum flipped on one diagram with respect to the other. However for meson-meson scattering there is a single diagram. Why don't we need a second diagram in the meson-meson case with the labels of the outgoing momentum flipped on the second diagram? I don't understand how to see this without using Dyson's formula.
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    Two different mesons?
    More context would help.
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    The meson scattering I'm looking at is indeed [itex]\phi \phi \to \phi\phi.[/itex]
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