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Fiber optic based beam splitter

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    Does any of you know any commercially available fiber optic - beam splitter?

    It is very crucial for my experiment where I distribute an electromagnetic beam from one laser source (infrared) to two waveguides.. Since I am coupling using fibers, I require a fiber optic based beam splitter. . But I can't seem to find one that is available commercially.. Any suggestions?

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    When you say infrared, what wavelength do you mean? Fibers are usually used to guide light around 1 micron, 1310 nm and 1550 nm (for other wavelengths you'd have difficulties finding fiber, let alone beam splitters).

    Once you have a wavelength in mind, it is very straightforward to find beam splitters. Fiber beam splitters are also called couplers - they come in a variety of configurations (1x2, 2x2, 2x1, 1xN whatever) and split ratios (50/50, 90/10,...). There are also couplers for single mode fibers, multimode fibers, Polarization Maintaining fibers...

    These are available all over the place, and are very cheap. I suppose it depends which part of the world you live in, just google for "single mode couplers" (or multimode, or whatever you want). You could try http://www.fiberinstrumentsales.com/ (I use them for my fiber needs, there are surely many others). Or you could get stuff from China, if you know companies you can trust. Can't beat the price!
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