What is Optic: Definition and 123 Discussions

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  1. I

    I Radiant Intensity from Radiant Power and Intensity Distribution

    Consider the infrared led TSAL7600 which has the following properties: $$ \Phi = 35 mW $$ $$ I_e = 25 mW/sr $$ The half angle is ## 30^\circ ## and: $$ I_r(\theta) = cos^{4.818}(\theta) $$ is a good approximation for the relative radiant intensity. However, finding the actual radiant...
  2. grindagrom

    I Why does a spyglass or binoculars zoom in?

    Why does a spyglass or binoculars zoom in? How does it work? I know a little about optics. But here's what interests me: how does a beam of light entering the binocular lens bring the object closer? This beam of light has certain information inside, and this information is "decoded" by...
  3. Aymangh994

    I Difference between Working distance and object distance

    So I have a problem understanding the difference between working distance and the object distance of a lens. For me it is also unclear what the difference between image distance and back focal length. If I want to enlarge the image by 6. How can I calculate the focal length, object distance...
  4. A

    I Light coupling in fiber optic cables

    Hi Everyone! I have a photonics problem that I was wondering if anyone may be able to shed some light on (no pun intended). I work for a company that is designing a fiber optic emitter/detector as a part of one of our products and we've noticed something that would appear to defy physics...
  5. Oldman too

    Dark fiber optic cables as Earthquake detectors

    Hello, Recently while familiarizing myself with the rodent menace affecting Fiber optic networks, I came across this rather novel use for the dark, or unused fibers in buried cables. The method apparently holds a lot of promise as well as significant advantages over many current Seismology...
  6. H

    Finding the angle at the apex of a rhomb with incoming linear wave

    Hi, Since I'm dealing with a rhombus, the angle at the bottom(A) and top(A) are the same. Thus, I only have to find the angle at the bottom since the incoming beam is already perpendicular to the side of the rhombus. Since the incoming beam is perpendicular to the side ##\theta_I = \theta_T =...
  7. samy4408

    I What does "upright" mean in geometric optics?

    if someone want to explain to me what is an upright image ? , and what are the other adjectives to define an image in geometric optics and their meaning , Thanks .
  8. Furno

    B Is there a material that allows visible light and UV light to pass through?

    Is there a material that allows visible light and uv light to pass through? Edit: A physical material
  9. Horizont22

    I Shorten the lens distance while having same focal length?

    Hello Everybody, I'm David from Spain, and happy to be here. We have a LED that needs a FL50mm collimator which is focused to infinite, because we want parallel rays. So the lens is at a distance 50mm (approx) from the led. However, 50mm is too much distance for our design, so the question is...
  10. G

    I Can We See the Moon From 238,900 Miles Away?

    You can not see 1 grain of sand from 238,900. miles away with the naked eye so why can we see the moon it is billions of grains of sand? We can not see 1 germ with the naked eye, can we see 1 teaspoon of pure 100% germs?
  11. B

    In optics what do Tp and Ts stand for and what are they?

    In optics what do Tp and Ts stand for and what are they? I believe Tp is the highest amount of light transmitted and Ts is the Lowest amount of light transmitted though a material. but I cannot find that much information on these terms.
  12. Adams2020

    The sources of error in a diffraction grating experiment

    In a diffraction grating experiment, what can be the sources of error and also what effect do these sources have on the unknown quantity (wavelength) in the experiment?
  13. J

    Artificial eyes and optic nerves

    There are millions of Glaucoma patients who lost or about to lose the sight to Glaucoma or just generally the blind which numbers in millions too. I know a person who has Glaucoma. I just want to know what is the status with artificial eyes and growing optic nerves at present and forthcoming...
  14. B

    Coupling Efficiency of LED to Fiber Optic Guide

    Most surface mount types of LED’s have a very nearly cosine distribution of light intensity. If we desire to inject light from an LED to the end of a cylindrical optical guide, what is the coupling efficiency as a function of distance (x) from the end of the guide? Assume that the LED is a...
  15. S

    Modes of laser propagation in cylindrical optics

    I saw the solution of the light propagates in cylinder.. so in every solution there is the first order Gaussain function (the slandered one) times another function which gives I think the separation, both of them gives the intensity separation.. So what does that mean?! is it as I draw on the...
  16. A

    Anyone familiar with SFP Fiber Optic Modules?

    I have a question regarding the minimum operating speed of new SFP+ fiber modules. In my line of work, I'm most commonly seeing 10GBASE SFP+ modules installed for network data. Can these modules operate at low speed? Specifically with a PHY capable of only a fraction of the data rate? Further...
  17. S

    Evanescent and Gradient force on an optical waveguide

    Let's say that on the surface of the cladding we have evanescent field due to the total internal reflection between the core and the cladding. The refractive indices of the the core is 1.45 and the refractive index of the cladding is 1.4, and I want to use the gradient force of the evanescent...
  18. S

    A Does the Silicon Nitride Waveguide Have a Cladding?

    Does the Silicon Nitride Waveguide (Si3N4) has a cladding ?! I read an article that they use the evanescent field of silicon-nitride waveguide.. If the answer yes it doesn't has a cladding then can I say that the evanescent field length in the surrounding medium is the mode field portion in that...
  19. V

    Second reflection angle of incidences in 3D

    Given Theta1(angle of incidence) and alpha1(azimuth angle). how do we obtain the second reflection angle theta3 and alpha3? Assuming the surface to be a mirror reflection(theta1 = theta2). Need an equation when varied the incident angles we would obtain the second reflection angles or a method...
  20. peace

    Elliptically polarized light & partially-polarized light

    How to distinguish elliptical polarized light from partially-polarized light?
  21. A

    Optic Fiber Project Ideas for Amateur Physics Student

    Hi everyone! I'm in a physics course from university, we have seen topics related with light and optic, the teacher want a project related with those topics so i have been thinking about a project that involves the optic fiber. I haven't been successful in my research, i find so complicated...
  22. S

    B Phase shift in Mach-Zehnder interferometer

    I'm confused by the phase shifts in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer because I keep finding two different explanations. One explanation (for example, given on Wikipedia, but also elsewhere) states that on each reflection, the phase shift is 180 degrees, but only, if light is reflected from the...
  23. J

    B Trivial questions regarding parallax and measurement of distances.

    While trying to understand parallax and its use in measuring distances here, I had a few questions. (1) Parallax is defined as the apparent movement of an object with reference to another object in the background when one views it from different angles. As in the movement of a finger relative...
  24. navneet9431

    B Prism Forming Image: Nature & Types

    Do Prism form image? If they do form image, then what is the nature of the image formed?
  25. navneet9431

    B Can we get a real image of virtual objects?

    Is it possible to get a real image of virtual objects, If so please explain with examples and some real life situations? Look at my assertion "rays will not pass through virtual objects so how it can form real image", is this possible, please help.
  26. Hieu

    Optical Making a vein viewer with LED lights

    I'm trying to optimize my vein viewer with LED lights but I'm not sure which factors affect the penetration of the light through the skin. (I'm following this guide https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-an-affordable-Vein-Finder-for-use-d/) I can say those factors are the angle of the...
  27. Cathr

    I Finding the Fresnel coefficients from interface conditions

    I'm studying for an exam (so this is existential) and I never really got how to write the limit conditions for an interface. In my problem, there is an incident electric field, and there are two cases: 1) the field is polasised perpendicularly to the incidence plane (TE) 2) polarised in the...
  28. P

    The Difference Between Diffraction And Interference Patterns

    I've recently come across this problem: Answer true or false. If light shines through 2 slits, will the diffraction pattern always be within the interference pattern. I don't understand this question, however. How can the interference and diffraction pattern be separated in this situation...
  29. Ramazan Duzgun

    Stopping Light in Air: Myth or Reality?

    is it possible, i mean can we hold it at a certain distance we want ?
  30. S

    Does Light Travel Through Fiber Optic Cable Generate EMF?

    Does light traveling through a fiber optic cable generate any sort of detectable electromagnetic field? Please forgive the stupid question. It’s something that popped into mind recently and google hasn’t adequately answered for me. I’m not a scientist or physicist. :blushing:
  31. H

    Finding Uniform Focusing in Flexible Fresnel Lenses

    Well this thread title sucks, sorry. << Mentor Note: Title Edited>> :smile: I have a plano convex lens (actually equivalent stack of two fresnels each with focal length 120mm, groove pitch: 0.3mm). If I put a photo behind it at a 45mm distance and view through the lens from a 12mm distane, I...
  32. Clear Mind

    Stargazing Does a Radio Telescope Have Aberration and How Does it Affect Its Performance?

    I was studyng my exam of astrophysics laboratory, while treathing the optical aberration I've wondered: does radio telescope have aberration? Is a paraboloid antenna in a single dish affected by coma? and the radio telescope made by arrays of resonant structures? Maybe those are silly...
  33. M

    Imaging optics and lowest possible angle video projection?

    I have a very very unusual project requirement where I need a pocket video projection with the lowest possible projection angle or "longest possible throw-ratio". It's a pocket DLP projector so goal is to have the beam remain ,as much as possible, almost the same size as the DLP matrix, for a...
  34. mjda

    Resolving bodies at large distances

    Homework Statement If a 6.5m diameter telescope operates at wavelengths between 600nm to 2800nm, and for stellar densities similar to the Solar neighbourhood, what is the range of distances this telescope can resolve individual stars? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution My attempts so...
  35. Pattarasak

    When I analyze elliptical polarization using a linear polarizer....

    hello everyone,I want to construct the elliptical polarization in Jones's Matrix form . So, I use the linear polarizer to analyze this polarization. where the Intensity ,which obtain by using the linear polarizer,come from? by integrating overall angle or the other way ?
  36. physea

    What are optic fibres/cables in simple words?

    I suppose there's tons of information about optic fibres, but what are they really, their functions, their limitations, pros and cons?
  37. D

    How Is the Minimum Bend Radius of a Fiber Optic Cable Determined?

    If there is a fiber optic cable with a diameter d, the index of refraction of the cladding the cable is given, and so is the index of refraction core of the cable, how would you formulate an equation for the minimum radius of bend the cable can have? Thank you in advance.
  38. DaveC426913

    Competing fiber optic corps

    Just doing due diligence to allay some concerns. If my condo already has Rogers fibre optic cable, and my condo org wants to come in and install a Bell Fibe cable for the hole building, is there any reason to think that this would interfere with the existing Rogers cable? I mean, they're...
  39. C

    I keep runing in circles around this optic fiber question....

    Hi everyone I can not seem to get the right formulas to finish this question. I keep on beating my head against a wall for hours now. It just feels like I can not get the right formula to help me out...Is this some sort of trick question? Note if the image does not load here is the link ->...
  40. Jamison Lahman

    Fiber Optic Coupling -- how to couple a 200μm core fiber into a 50μm core fiber?

    Is it possible to couple a 200μm core fiber into a 50μm core fiber by using a 4x magnifier/reducer?
  41. C

    Danger from damaged fiber optic cable?

    Hi all, I was not sure where to post this, so feel free to move the thread if the forum is not the most appropriate. I was reading about safety in fiber optics and the fact that one should not be staring into a fiber optic cable to avoid eye damage. That's pretty obvious, but it also raises a...
  42. Prashasti

    Unconventional Origins: The Mystery of the Optic Nerve's Cranial Classification

    We had a class on optic nerve today. Our teacher said that the optic nerve "originates" from the retina, and continues up till the commencement of the optic chiasma, and is, approximately, 4 cm long. My question is, Why is it considered to be a cranial nerve when it does not even originate...
  43. P

    Power backups for fibre optic networks

    Can anyone tell me what kind of power back ups they use for fiber optic networking equipment in ISP networks and across the world. Do they tend to all use UPS from batteries or do they have generators for in the events of major long term power outages?
  44. E

    Field form in the optic fibers from Maxwell's equations

    Hello! In this document a solution of Maxwell's equations in cylindrical coordinates is provided, in order to determine the electric and magnetic fields inside an optic fiber with a step-index variation. The interface between core and cladding is the cylindrical surface r = a. For example, the...
  45. R

    Optic Nerve Imaging: Studies & Resources

    Are there any studies or resources related to imaging of the optic nerve when participants are exposed to specific images or colors? I can't seem to find anything relating to this topic, but I think it would be interesting.
  46. V

    Can Fiber Optic Cables Create Coherent Light Circuits?

    By what we know, optic cable can guide waves by TIR. So what if it guides into itself, for instance, to keep it virtually flat and high angle reflection; I lay cable around the circumference of the planet and it loops back into itself with double entry: one guided and other newly introduced with...
  47. I

    Optics Question -- small glass spheres to couple to fiber optic cables

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I know that yin = 0.7mm, y2 = 0mm, the index of refraction for the sphere is 1.8 and the indices of refraction for the air surrounding it is 1. The Attempt at a Solution Not sure how to even begin with the given information. I was thinking I could...
  48. F

    Find Optic Laser Material That Responds to Perpendicular & Parallel Light

    I am looking for group of material that behaves according to the following: (1) When a certain laser light passes perpendicular to the surface of the material it enters and exits unimpeded (2) However, when another laser light (with direction parallel to the surface) enters the material, the...
  49. D

    Fiber Optic Loop: How Long Before Photon Dissipation?

    Imagine a closed loop of fiber optics, How long will a photon be able to stay inside the loop before dissipating all it's energy, or does it not dissipate?
  50. P

    BPSK Fiber Optic Communication technique module.

    Actually out of my personal interest to learn & upgrade my skills I have self volunteered self development of Photonics Simulation software on Python platform. I am basically a software developer. As such I seek some technical information for same related to its development activity. Can you...