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Fick's Law and the Diffusion/Convection combined equation.

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    NA = JA* + CA*(NA+NB)/C for a binary mixture.
    NA is the flux of the fluid relative to a stationary point.
    JA* is Fick's law, the flux relative to the bulk motion of the fluid?
    (NA+NB)/C is the bulk velocity of the fluid.
    But I don't see why this is the case. I don't see why NB should affect NA at all. For example, for an ideal gas, the molecules of component B should have no impact on the motion of the molecules of component A. I (think I) understand the need for accounting for a moving reference frame, but it doesn't make sense to me that if we had a hypothetical situation where A is concentrated initially at a small volume, and somehow we were able to make all of the "B" molecules move in some direction, that this would affect NA. An explanation or clarification would be appreciated!
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    Suppose no diffusion were occurring, and the molar average velocity (averaged over A and B) were v. Then the total molar flux would be $$N_A+N_B=vC$$. What would the molar flux of A be?
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