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Homework Help: Figuring sum of double bonds and rings ?

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    Figuring sum of double bonds and rings ??

    Does anyone know how if there is a way to figure out the sum of double bonds and rings of a compound C6H9BrO ?? Lost.. thank you.
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    This one came up in google :P

    http://bioweb.ucr.edu/ChemMine/view.php?TYPE=1&i_id=1282592 [Broken]

    Hard to come up with a structural formula from an empirical formula, thats why there are so many chemical analysis methods like NMR/MS.

    Double bonds and rings behave differently in spectroscopic analysis, so that would reveal more.

    I tried to guess the structure by trial and error heh, knowing some of the bonding rules, but i failed and consulted google, then kicked myself for not remembering the epoxy Oxy type bond.

    Maybe there are other structures also, consult a chemical catalogue or database.
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