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I Final year project/ dissertation ideas

  1. May 24, 2017 #1

    I'm currently on a BSc Physics course and I need some ideas for my final year project.

    I'm mostly thinking about Climate and Astronomy or a mixture of both would suit me more.

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    Could you please post more of your ideas? You must have many ideas and details, one would hope.

    And if you combine Astronomy and Climate, would you be writing about the weather dynamics on other planets in our solar system?
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    I'm like thinking more down to earth even though weather dynamics on other planets is not a bad idea at all. I might even consider it ! Although it would require lots of modeling and simulations.

    I was thinking kinda like correlation between sun's activity and weather.

    I want something that's going to be useful in the (near) future.

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    Hi Jadaav, I have surfed University of Sussex and have found your desired details Here I am quoting it from the page:
    Project title: Dependence of galaxy properties on halo mass
    Description: It is believed that all galaxies live in dark matter halos. The Galaxy and Mass Assembly project (GAMA; http://www.gama-survey.org/) provides total mass estimates for galaxy groups from galaxy dynamics. This will allow you to investigate the dependence of galaxy properties, such as stellar mass, star formation rate, incidence of AGN activity, on host halo mass and location within the halo, and thus provide constraints on the halo occupation distribution (HOD) model.
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