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Homework Help: Find max. speed with Static Friction

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    Suppose the designated speed for the ramp is to be 13.2 m/s (29.5 mi/h) and the radius of the curve is 34 m.

    The coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road is 0.33. What maximum speed could a car negotiate the exit ramp without skidding?

    Vmax = square root of (µ(static) g r)

    Vmax = Maximum velocity
    g = Acceleration due to gravity (9.80 m/sec^2)
    r = Radius of curve
    µ = Coefficient of static friction

    Vmax = 10.485 m/s

    however, this answer wasn't right. what am i doing wrong? THANKS.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi iLove! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    Can you give us a little more information?

    I can't quite picture this … is there a curve and an exit ramp, or are they the same thing?

    And what is the relevance of the designated speed?

    And I don't understand where g comes into it. :confused:
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    Hi tiny-tim :)
    No, there is no exit ramp, just a curve. But I already got the problem solved because it was due 25 minutes ago.

    Thank you for making me feel welcomed ^^
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    Hi iLove! :smile:

    I'm glad you solved it!

    (you can mark it "SOLVED" by clicking on Thread Tools on the menu bar)

    Do leave a bit more time next time … and remember, most of the people on this forum are asleep at this time of day! :zzz:
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