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Find Stress of the Rectangular Block

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    For this question, I need to find the force that will be acting on a rectangular block.

    E = 193 x 10^3 MPa
    Max. Stress = 210 MPa
    F= 2000N

    The rectangular block is fixed at both ends (bolted on to another metal object)

    I need to find the dimensions for this block. L, length can be as long as 30mm

    How do I find the dimensions of the block that will keep the stressunder 210MPa.

    I only need the stress that will be there due to the vertical force downwards on the rectangular block.

    Help pleaseeeeeeeeee
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    Is this a school assignment? Is the 2000 N force applied axially to the rectangular block? Or is the 2000 N force a point load applied transversely to the rectangular block midspan?
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