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Homework Help: Find the distance the car travels before it stops

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    A car wants to stop. The coefficient of friction is 0.3 and the mass of the car is 2000 kg. The car is traveling at 50 km/hr. Find the distance the car travels before it stops.

    I know that the force of friction= the coefficient of friction x the normal force. I also know that I need to change 50 km/hr to m/s. I can't quite figure out how to find the normal force on this one(would i subtract friction from it or add it or what), and I don't see how I could find the distance it would take to stop because I do not know the time or the acceleration. Please help!
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    The work of the frictional force must equal the change of kinetic energy of the car, start with that.
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    so does that mean that the force of friction equals the change in velocity?
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