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Finding a solution to the equation x3^(2x+1)=9x

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    how can I know that zero is the solution of x3^(2x+1)=9x

    I mean I know that it is the solution cause if I substitute zero I'll get an equality but how can I find it?
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    Is this the equation you want to solve:
    If so, [tex]x3^{2x+1}=9x\Leftrightarrow x(3^{2x+1}-9)=0\Leftrightarrow x=0\text{ or } 3^{2x+1}=3^2\Leftrightarrow 2x+1=2\Leftrightarrow x=\frac{1}{2}[/tex]
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    oh thanks man, all I could think about was to devide both sides by x. Thats so simple...

    Thank you very much
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    Just happy to help
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