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Homework Help: Finding an equation of a graph

  1. Jun 22, 2007 #1
    I need help with finding an equation of a graph. I was wondering if anyone was able to give me an equation to a graph that has a turning point at (0,0) (or a gradient of zero at (0,0)) and a turning point at (60,10). It would be great if you could show you basic working out so I can see how you came to your answer.

    y=7.7*10^7 (x)^2) (x - 120)^2 This is one in quartic
    y=4.6*10^-5 (x)^2 (x-120) This is one in cubic

    There is more than one answer and I was hoping for as many as people could come up with.

    If anyone could help it was be very much appreciated.

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    is it a one dimensional function och two dimensional?

    Also you "must" show us your work done so far, your thougts and ideas so we can help you. It is no point for us just show how we would do then you copy us..

    one question: what is the relationsship between function and derivative? If you know what value the derivative has at one point, how can you determine the function?
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