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Finding frequencies and wavelengths

  1. Sep 26, 2016 #1
    Hey! I'm struggling really badly with some physics homework, we've done nothing on this stuff in class and I can't find ANY help online and I'm stressing pretty bad right now so ANY help would be AMAZING!

    Here's my questions...

    "This question is about electromagnetic waves travelling in free space:
    (a) Find the frequency of a wave where the wavelength = 1cm
    (b) Find the wavelength of a wave with a frequency of 100 MHz
    (c) Find the wavelength of a wave with a frequency of 300 MHz"

    I assure you I have tried for HOURS to get my head around these I just can't and am desperate for some help!
    Thank you SO much in advance!
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    pl. show what you have done to solve the problem....
    you must have read about electromagnetic waves or simply waves moving in space or a medium.
    what is wavelength ?
    what is called frequency of a wave?
    and how the wavelength and frequency gets related -through some other constant of the wave?
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    You appear to be missing just one equation that relates frequency, velocity and wavelength. Look it up.
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