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Finding Magnetic Field for Infinite Sheet Concept

  1. Apr 27, 2013 #1
    Hello, this is not a homework assignment. I am referencing an old assignment from a few semesters ago. I am curious if I can use the basic:

    dB = mu/4pi dq * v X r /r^2; where dq = sigma*da=sigma*L*dx;

    instead of just using Amp's Law.

    this stuff was fun...dunno if i was at all correct.

    things the problem has to give me for my method to have the same numerical value, if method is equivalent is: the z distance, length of area, a distance in the x direction, velocity, and sigma.

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    Hi there,
    Unfortunately, your setup isn't immediately clear from your post, so it's hard to say if the equation you wrote applies. You mention an infinite sheet of something? Also, many of those symbols you used are in the frequently used section to the right when you click "Go Advanced"; would make things far more readable.
    dB = μ0/(4∏) dq * v X r /r2; where dq = Ʃ*da=Ʃ*L*dx;
    It looks like your infinite plate is charged and moving? And you want to figure out the magnetic field some distance from it? My guess here is you shouldn't need the full Amp's Law, but not 100% clear on the setup.
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